Composition and realisation by © MARTIN MCKEY

… Water, waves, tides and flows. Here is one of the elements, Water, by which everything flows, panta rhei. Water is not only a fluid, it is also a cause and symbol of change. The water can be calm, quiet, but at the same time there is strength and power in it. Listening to the various sounds of the water and the sounds of various waves, we create an image of movement: outflow, inflow and flow. Water is the blood of the Earth and is closely related to it.

McKey bases his performance on many different sounds of water, on which the sounds of alternative waves are superimposed, creating a kind of flowing ambient structure. And then it is easy, but sometimes faster, everything flows … and changes smoothly …

Space trip (excerpt) © Martin McKey, 2020, from “unreleased”
Martin McKey live performance, Sci-Fi days, Dąbrowa Górnicza, 2016

Martin MCKEY… musician fascinated with electronics for 35 years, or electronics engineer fascinated with music. He works independently, gives concerts, creates electronic and illustrative music. He has performed at the The Harmony of Universe, Polcon and the Light Festival meetings, as well as many other events related to electronic music, synthesizer meetings and jam sessions. He has released 3 albums on his own: The Harmony of Universe, The Harmony of Universe II and The Earth XXI. He moves in a wide range of electronic, film and illustrative music.

Slow aires (excerpt), © Martin McKey, 2019, from “unreleased”
Slow aires extended, © Martin McKey, 2020, from “Unreleased”

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