Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are asking for your financial support towards our unprecedented artistic initiative. It is the planned release of a music DVD entitled
with our original audiovisual projects.

For several decades we have been working together and creating multimedia events, including that at the Unconventional Invention Forum 2008, POLCON 2012, Karkonoski Festival of Light 2013.

The next stage of our artistic collaboration will be the release of this DVD, using the highest technological standard, both in terms of music and film. Our project is not to be a kind of a short music videos, but it will include a number of individual compositions combined with audiovisual effects, referring to such genres as: metatransambient, el-music, extended overtone vocalism. Based on the latest technologies of 3D animation, digital video and sound, an impressionistic performance will be created that will take the audience on a fascinating, two-hour journey of inner experiences.

The philosophical concept of the Five Elements has found a permanent place in European, Chinese, Japanese and Indian cultures. For us, it is an inspiration to express individual impressions and reflections on contemporary reality. Each of the creators draws inspiration from one of the metaphysical elements: Air, Water, Fire. The next elements, Earth and Aether, are realized together. The vision of the album assumes the synergy of the creators and the penetration of the energy of the elements through music, sound and image.

The sponsors of our project will be honored – details: HERE.

Thank You in advance for Your support !