Composition and realisation by © ANDRZEJ DUDEK-DÜRER * © MARTIN MCKEY * © MIROSŁAW RAJKOWSKI

… The element of the Earth as the heaviest of the elements will be sonically presented using low registers of voice and sounds of synthesizers. The human voice, split into sub-overtones, builds a special aura, awakening the lower parts of the human voice’s resonators.

In the element of Earth, the fundamental sounds and essential tones will reflect the origin of life and the matter for its creation, while the continual transformation will be expressed by more elaborate sound structures and sequences.

The essence of presenting this element will be a combination of three creative interpretations combining common and individual effects of a multimedia soundtrack.

TRANS TRIP, © Andrzej DUDEK-DÜRER, from the album TRANS TRIP, 1998
IMPROPER FRACTION, © Mirosław Rajkowski, from CD Ecstatic Levitation 1995
CORKY PORK (exc.) © Martin McKey from unreleased. 2015