Composition and realisation by © MIROSŁAW RAJKOWSKI

… The air – invisible, independent and changeable. It is a source of freedom and inspiration. It represents what is invisible in us – dreams, visions, thoughts.

Based on the theme of “air”, the structural composition will be created, using overtone singing, i.e. the phenomenon of splitting the human voice into a series of harmonic overtones.

The composition, inspired by the element of air, is based on an electronically transformed vocal process, which gives the listener an extraordinary acoustic experience. In addition to purely sonic vocalizations, there is also personal poetry. The vocal action takes place against the background of 3D animations that are interactively related to it …

EVOLLATION, © Mirosław Rajkowski, cd ECcstatic Levitation, 1995

Mirosław Rajkowski is a multimedia artist. Since the beginning of the 1980s, he has been dealing with audio art, installation, photography, video art and performance. Mirosław Rajkowski has been dealing with the phenomenon of overtone splitting of the voice since 1988. He presented his overtone performances in galleries and at festivals in Europe and the USA. His vocal activities explore “the substance of the highest overtone” and have been released on CDs, among others. in the USA (Beta Lactam Ring Records), Russia (Electroshock), Japan (Pangea Music Farm), Italy, Hungary and Poland.

EVOLLATION 2, © Mirosław Rajkowski, cd Ecstatic Levitation, 1995
ECSTATIC LEVITATION, © Mirosław Rajkowski, cd Ecstatic Levitation , 1995

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